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DID YOU KNOW??? - If you don't sign up for health insurance by February 15, 2014, you may be penalized for every month not being insured. There are many options now to make health insurance affordable and more accessible for everyone. Whether you qualify for a subsidy, advanced tax credit, or free medical (Medicaid in CA), we will be able to assist you in finding the right options for you, your family and business! TYPE IN YOUR ZIP CODE ABOVE to see health insurance plans in your area. Or, give us a call for assistance! 

What If I CAN'T Afford To Pay For Health Insurance? 
Am I Eligible For Cost-Sharing Subsidies?

In addition to the tax credits that reduce your monthly premium payments, you may be eligible for cost-sharing subsidies that reduce the amount you pay when you get care.

Eligibility for subsidies is based on income level and family size.

You may be eligible for subsidies if your income is less than about $27,936 for a single person and less than about $57,636 for a family of four in 2012, which represents about 2.5 times federal poverty level. 

Cost-sharing subsidies are offered by the federal government to reduce the amount of money you have to pay for health care expenses such as co-payments or coinsurance.

Call us today at 888-524-5502 to determine your and your family's eligibility for government subsidies and appropriate health insurance plans! Or, type in your zip code above to see plans and their monthly rates that are available for you and your family.

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